2014/9/28 Shibuya, Tokyo

Why is All in one so fascinated for me?

2014/9/28 Shibuya, Tokyo He chosed road bike with gentle leather bag, not skateboarding. You know, each items are different tastes which he has. A straw hat, graphical loose fit T-shirt, classical business bag….but they are mixed up well! Especially, Red Beat earphone urbanized his fashion.

2014/9/28 Shibuya, Tokyo

I have never seen pop girl with classical motorbike. She has tatoo on her hand and with leg(or maybe just tatoo tights). The tatoo is a very nice combination with classical bike. I am not familiar with motorbike, but it is customized well. I think she loves motorbike so much.

Usually that kind of people wear masculine garments like racing jacket, leather pants with beard and sunglasses. But this case is completely opossite. She is absolutely Japanese pop style! Harajuku girl!!

Sweatshirt, outdoor backpack with Nike Air Jordan! Tokyo is only city you’ve never seen around the world!